End of your 2022/2023 winter-mooring contract

Dear Yachtsmen’s,

Your winter-mooring contract for 2022/2023 season is coming to its end:

In order to organize our mooring schedule for the summer season of 2023, please indicate the departure date of your boat by filling the bellowed formulary. Please send us your answer as soon as possible. If you do not reply within 15 days before the end of your mooring-contract, we will consider that your boat will leave the port on the end date indicated on your contract.


Yachtsmen’s who have received their new winter-mooring contract for the 2023/2024 season:

If you wish to leave your boat in the harbor beyond 31 May 2023 for all summer season, we remind you that according the port regulations, you need to leave the harbor for one month between 1 June and 31 August 2023. Owners of boats less than 15 meters long moored at the ARSENAL harbor can apply for a reservation at the VILLETTE harbor and owners of boats moored at the VILLETTE harbor can apply for a reservation at the ARSENAL harbor. For more information, please contact the Harbor Master's Office.

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