Quality Charter

Quality certification by VERITAS office

Veritas 4


Since December 2010, the Fayolle’s ports have a triple certification:

ISO 9001 (Quality)

ISO 45001 (Security)

ISO 14001 (Environment)

The goals (of Fayolle), QSE (Quality, Security, and Environment) are the following:

• Respecting the rules and requirements of the marinas ;

• Avoiding water pollution by innovative solutions. For example: increasing by 5% the number of boats that have a black water/ grey water, tank in the annual contract ;

• Raising awareness of health and safety:

  • Reporting leaks on water connections and non-conforming electrical connections
  • Development of waste disposal and communication on the tonnages of treated wastes ;

• Preventing of potential accidents and ensuring reactivity of our staff to emergency situations and testing our outsourcing staff ;

• Answering the technical and environmental customer requirements.

We commit ourselves to use all our technical, financial, and organizational means to respect this charter to reach these aims.